One of L’Initiative’s strategic pillars is to produce and share knowledge. By publicizing our resources, we hope to help improve the management and impact of Global Fund interventions in the field.

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, L'Initiative
26 April 2024

Climate change and malaria: how to prepare for the radical reconfiguration of the epidemic?

Policy brief
Temperature and rainfall variations caused by climate change are redefining the boundaries of endemic malaria zones. Local factors, the immunity of infected individuals, population movements, and parasite resistance to drugs are crucial for understanding the potential impact of climate change on malaria epidemiology. In response to climate change, L’Initiative contributes [...]
, L'Initiative
23 February 2024

To protect implementers and improve HIV program outcomes

The human rights risks and obstacles faced by key populations are well known, and addressing them is seen as an essential component of any comprehensive HIV program for key populations. The safety of those responsible for implementing programs for key populations is also a major challenge. Implementing organizations – which are often themselves led by individuals from key [...]
, L'Initiative
20 February 2024

Key data #2: the support of L’Initiative in the fight against tuberculosis

Thematic report
In 2021, tuberculosis (TB) was the second deadliest infectious disease after COVID-19 and one of the leading causes of preventable deaths. It is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis and mainly effects the lungs. It is transmitted when people with tuberculosis spray tubercle bacilli into the air, for example when a person with TB coughs. Tuberculosis is a [...]
, L'Initiative
11 December 2023

Evaluation overview – Community observatory for pharmaceutical practices (OCOPP)

Due to their fragile health systems, Burkina Faso and Cameroon face issues around poor drug supply chain management, falsified and out-of-date medicines in circulation, poor governance and lack of pharmaceutical transparency. Supported by L'Initiative to the tune of €600,000, the project OCoPP led by the Centre Humanitaire des Métiers de la Pharmacie aimed at improving th [...]
, L'Initiative
28 November 2023

Evaluation overview – Movihcam Health On the Road (Moto Action)

According to UNAIDS, there will be 480,000 adults living with HIV in Cameroon in 2022. At a time when HIV prevalence was estimated at 2.6%, the MOVIHCAM H.O.T ROAD project helped to improve access to care for vulnerable transport populations in Cameroon. Led by Moto Action and supported by L'Initiative to the tune of €691,152, this project ran from 2019 to 2023 in collabor [...]