Adressing sexual and reproductive health challenges: practical guides

Adressing sexual and reproductive health challenges: practical guides

Learning 28/11/2019

In which situation is peer-education useful? How to engage teachers about sexual and reproductive health? How to use emerging technologies to better target young people? How to ensure that parents feel concerned about their children’s SRH and relay effective prevention messages? How to better the referral of young people to health centers? Finally, what should we consider to build effective advocacy concerning SRH?

This guide about the sexual and reproductive health of young people and adolescents intends to answer to those six questions building on four organizations’ experiences (ARCAD-Sida, Espoir Vie-Togo, RACOJ and Solthis). Their projects, selected in 2015 by L’Initiative, served as the point of departure for this collective learning exercise which gathered more than thirty field actors, brought to discuss, examine and share their know-how, methodologies and practices.

This document brings forward reflections and operational solutions that have already been implemented in the field of young people and adolescents’ SRH. As a collaborative work, this guide clearly advocates for a decentralized and participatory approach in SRH.

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