L’Initiative is committed to strengthening health systems by integrating cross-cutting issues into our activities.

Resilient, long-lasting health systems

In a world where essential health services are far from accessible to all, the only way to end the HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria epidemics is to implement robust health systems. That is why L’Initiative has gradually adopted a comprehensive approach that extends beyond our long-standing fields of intervention. We take action on cross-cutting issues, all of which help to build capacity among stakeholders in the field and offer more effective solutions that meet the needs of partner countries.

Cross-cutting themes

L’Initiative takes action on cross-cutting issues:

Cross-cutting themes, L'Initiative

Scientific research and innovation

We support innovation to improve people’s health and drive changes in international recommendations.
Cross-cutting themes, L'Initiative


We encourage gender mainstreaming in all our activities, both within our organization and in our projects and missions.
Cross-cutting themes, L'Initiative

Community health

We bolster the project implementation and financial management capabilities of community organizations and support their advocacy.
Cross-cutting themes, L'Initiative

Human resources for health

We take action to train health professionals, ensure that they are recognized and remunerated, and improve their working conditions.