Marginalized populations

Marginalized populations

Evaluations, Learning 29/03/2022

This overview document presents the results of the cross-cutting evaluation of seven projects
funded by L’Initiative on the theme “marginalized populations”, which was implemented in sixteen
countries in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

Given the importance of taking into account the specific needs of marginalized populations, their
human rights, gender and community approaches to tackling barriers to accessing care that affect
these populations, L’Initiative launched a 2016 call for projects aimed at “improving access of
marginalized populations to quality health services through adapted and integrated community
approaches”1. The main target populations  were:
◇ Key populations, including people living with HIV, people who inject drugs, men who have sex with
men, transgender people, sex workers and people in  prisons.
◇ Vulnerable populations, especially mobile and migrant populations, young girls and women,
children  and

#Health systems strengthening

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Marginalized populations
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