Care and treatments for people who use drugs

Care and treatments for people who use drugs

Thematic report 04/03/2019

While drug users are among the most stigmatized and marginalized populations, the situation is even more challenging for young drug users and women, who are consequently underrepresented in harm reduction services as well as HIV prevention, screening, and treatment. Moreover, existing interventions such as needle and syringe exchange programs and opioid substitution therapy fail to meet the needs of individuals using non-injectable medications or inhalable drugs. These emerging practices are particularly concerning, especially since they often involve populations that are inadequately supported.

In this context, Expertise France finances or implements long-term projects and structures aimed at addressing these populations and meeting the challenges of new consumption patterns, such as inhalable drugs (crack, heroin), particularly in West Africa, or synthetic drugs, which are widely used among youth in Southeast Asia.

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Focus - Care and treatment for people who use drugs
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